Booking site is now available

Booking site is now available

Booking site is now available 150 150 CEDGC


We understand that with Covid19  uncertainty around, it may be still very early to think about accomodation for CEDGC, we still recommend that you do start thinking about this issue: even if foreign travel will be restricted in the summer, domestic travel will be very popular, and  Szarvas is a very popular summer destination anyways. It may be the case that finding an accomodation in late April or May could prove very difficult and expensive.

The tournament organisers have teamed up with a professional sport travel agency, Well Travel for CEDGC2021 as an official accomodation provider. Of course, players are welcome to arrange their own accomodations, but we still highly recommend to use them:

  • they have booked several apartments at a very good price in HOTEL ARANYSZARVAS, an apartment complex with pools, bars, restaurants located right next to the Arboretum, 10-15 minute walk from hole 1. We really think that this is your best option for CEDGC, you can park your car there before the tournament, and will not need to use it during the event.
  • they have agreed on a very flexible cancellation and payment policy (please read it on their site), and you will not need to pay anything until May 10. 50% of the total accomodation fee will be payable on May 10, and cancellation can be made free of charge 26 days before the event (until this time we will know 100% if the tournament can or can not happen). So basically you take absolutely no financial risk by booking.
  • They are a professional agency, they have a 24/7 customer service, and they will be able to answer all your questions

Click here to access the Well Travel booking site

Please also note that camping is strictly forbidden in the Arboretum.