CEDGC 2021 – Official course map 150 150 CEDGC

CEDGC 2021 – Official course map

The official course map for the event has been finalised, and is available for downloading here. The total course par is 65 and players will need to cover at least a total of 2795 meters each round to finish their round.


Organisational update – 25 days to go 150 150 CEDGC

Organisational update – 25 days to go

With only 25 days to go until the 2021 edition of the Central European Disc Golf Champs starts, we would like to give you some updates about the event.

The greatest news is that the prodiscgolf.cz crew and Tomas Valik has agreed to join us for the event, and they will be following one card on each day, and covering them through a post production video. On Day1 there will be a feature card (3 members nominated by the organisers, and the 4th member to be decided through a facebook fan vote), on Day2 FPO lead card will be followed by the film crew, and on Day3 the MPO lead card will be filmed.

The course map of the tournament has been finalised, and will be published within the coming 1-2 days to both this website, and the Facebook page of the event. Following that, we will publish hole-by-hole tee signs, and hole descriptions on a daily basis, so that by the tournament starts, each of you will have an idea about what to expect.

Other than this, the tournament organisation is going as planned, with all the major tournament items already being in place. We still need to fix some of the side-events, but other thank this we already have everything in place.

See you in a bit more than 3 weeks!

Registration last phase is closed – News update 150 150 CEDGC

Registration last phase is closed – News update

With the conclusion of the last phase of registration, we would like to give you some news updates related to CEDGC 2021.
Probably the most important question: will there be a tournament with Covid still around?
The most honest answer to this question is this: we are still not 100% sure, but we really-really hope yes, and things are acually looking okay! Each country is trying to tackle the Covid situation differently, and as of today we have no exact information at our hand that would give us a clear indication on whether we can be 100% sure about this.
As you may have read, Hungary is doing quite allright with the vaccinations – as of today close to 40% of the population have already got their first vaccine, by summer they want to go up to 2/3 – and our authorities have also decided to start opening things up. Shops are open, outdoor terraces of restaurants/bars are open now, curfew is less restricted, schools have partially restarted, etc., so one could hope that sooner or later they will start opening our borders up as well, and by the end of July we will have a fairly normal life again. But we have no news on this just yet.
What you need to know, is that the organisation works otherwise are going very well, and if Covid allows, you will very likely have an unforgettably great tournament experience in Szarvas!
Obviously, we will let you know as soon as we have any new updates on Covid restrictions.
We are planning to make the final YES / NO decision about the tournament sometimes in the first half of June.
Final player list, divisions
If you are receiving this email, then we have good news for you: based on the registration process you have qualified to the tournament, and you will be playing in Szarvas this July 🙂 Please check the list of players here.
Based on the current number of registrations, we decided that the following divisions will be available:
– FJ18 – currently 5 players
– MJ18 – currently 8 players
– FPO – currently 12 players
– MPO – currently 74 players
– MP40 – currently 17 players
unfortunately there were not enough players in the FP40 and MP50 divisions, so we will not be able to run them.
Try-out country: Serbia
We are very happy to tell you, that CEDGC this year has introduced a new feature, and we have reached out to countries other than the 7 CEDGC founding nations. This means that we will have 3 athletes from Serbia with us this year, and hope to bring them into the CEDGC flow going forward!
With them, we are expecting to have the largest ever CEDGC field with athletes coming from the entire region:
– Austria – 31 players
– Poland – 21 players
– Hungary – 17 players
– Slovakia and Czech Republic – 14 players
– Croatia – 12 players
– Slovenia – 8 players
and Serbia – 3 players.
We have decided to extend the deadlines of the Player Fee payment to June 15, 2021. This is roughly also the time by which we will make the final decision on whether the tournament can happen or not because of Covid.
For all those who have already paid your fees, thank you, and we are re-confirming that in case the tournament is cancelled due to Covid, then we will send you your money back. For all other cancellations, the regular PDGA cancellation and withdrawal policy shall be in effect.
Accommodation / Hotel
As you may have read on the website and the tournament FB page, we have partnered up with a travel agency, who negotiated really good prices for players and their entourage in the “Aranyszarvas Panzió”. This hotel is located right next to the Arboretum where the tournament will happen, it is a 12 minute walk from the Hotel entrance to Hole #1, so all you need to do is park your car there when you arrive, and not worry about it for the rest of the tournament. It is really your best option to book your stay while in Szarvas, especially that Szarvas is a very popular summer destination and hotels/guest houses in the area have already started filling up.
If you would like to book your stay, then please visit https://www.welltravel.hu/booking/ and simply navigate to the tournament booking.
They have also negotiated a very flexible cancellation policy with Aranyszarvas, so you will not need to pay anything until June 17. By June 17 50% of the total accomodation fee will be payable, and the remaining sum will be payable 25 days prior to the event.
Obviously booking with them is not mandatory, but we really think this is your best option, so checking it out will not hurt.
What’s next?
We are working hard on the organisational works, and plan to give you some additional tournament content in the coming weeks.
Please make sure to go and follow / like the FB page of the tournament, as most of the new stuff will be uploaded there.
Also, as promised earlier, please expect news about the Covid situation, we will give you updates regularly.
If you have any questions, please let us know!
Good luck with your disc golf season, and  see you in July!
Dani Hatvani
TD, CEDGC 2021
Registration Phase 1 (so-called national phase) started 150 150 CEDGC

Registration Phase 1 (so-called national phase) started

On March 23rd the so-called national phase of CEDGC registration opens.
In this phase, each country gets to select  1 FJ18, 1 MP18, 1 FPO, 3 MPO, 1 MP40 and 1 MP50 players, who we will move from the waiting list to the main list of registered players.
Note that we can only move players who have registered, so please also make sure that whoever you select/nominate are also on the list of the registered players.
In case you missed it, you can register to the tournament here: https://cedgc2021.com/player-registration/
You can check the list of registered players here, also seeing who are the ones who are already on the main list: https://cedgc2021.com/registered-players/
This phase will close on April 15, and we will send out a reminder a few days before this date to nations who still need to confirm national spots. Please read more about what will happen after this phase here: https://cedgc2021.com/registration_info/
Please also note that at this stage players are not required to pay any fees yet. We are working on extending the payment deadlines in light of the still existing covid uncertainties. We would also like to confirm, that in case we would need to cancel the tournament due to Covid restrictions, all paid fees will be reimbursed to players. We believe that such decision will not be necessary to make until the second half of June, we hope that by that time most the uncertainties will be gone.
At the same time, please also check the news about accomodations: https://cedgc2021.com/2021/03/18/booking-site-is-now-available/
We hope to be able to deliver more tournament info, and potentially additional media in the coming weeks about the event.
Please let us know if you have any questions about the tournament!
Booking site is now available 150 150 CEDGC

Booking site is now available


We understand that with Covid19  uncertainty around, it may be still very early to think about accomodation for CEDGC, we still recommend that you do start thinking about this issue: even if foreign travel will be restricted in the summer, domestic travel will be very popular, and  Szarvas is a very popular summer destination anyways. It may be the case that finding an accomodation in late April or May could prove very difficult and expensive.

The tournament organisers have teamed up with a professional sport travel agency, Well Travel for CEDGC2021 as an official accomodation provider. Of course, players are welcome to arrange their own accomodations, but we still highly recommend to use them:

  • they have booked several apartments at a very good price in HOTEL ARANYSZARVAS, an apartment complex with pools, bars, restaurants located right next to the Arboretum, 10-15 minute walk from hole 1. We really think that this is your best option for CEDGC, you can park your car there before the tournament, and will not need to use it during the event.
  • they have agreed on a very flexible cancellation and payment policy (please read it on their site), and you will not need to pay anything until May 10. 50% of the total accomodation fee will be payable on May 10, and cancellation can be made free of charge 26 days before the event (until this time we will know 100% if the tournament can or can not happen). So basically you take absolutely no financial risk by booking.
  • They are a professional agency, they have a 24/7 customer service, and they will be able to answer all your questions

Click here to access the Well Travel booking site

Please also note that camping is strictly forbidden in the Arboretum.


Registration started 150 150 CEDGC

Registration started

Dear Players! The registration to the tournament has started today for ALL players, guests and volunteers. CEDGC has a somewhat complicated registration system, through which all registered players are first put on the waiting list, end then moved to the list of qualified players in different phases. All of this is well explained under Players / Registration, so please go and check it out.