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Registration to CEDGC 2021 opens on March 1st, 2021 for all players and guests

Please read the following information carefully

Registration golden rules

  1. Registration opens on March 1st, 2021 for all players and guests. As this is the CEDGC, only players from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary can register. Additionally, we will invite so-called TRY OUT countries from the region (e.g. Serbia) to send some players to the tournament
  2. After registration, players will be automatically put to the waiting list. The tournament organisers will “move players up” to the list of qualified players in different Phases (see below), not on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. If you would like to play the tournament, then register. Do not worry about not knowing whether you will qualify or not.  We can only work with people who are on the waiting list.
  4. By registering, you give us permission to use your email address for sending you tournament related info.

Deadlines, phases

  • Phase 0, march 1st – march 22nd: so called AUTOMATIC spot players are moved from the waiting list to the main list. These players will receive a direct invite to register, so once they register, we will move them up. In case an invited players fails to register in this phase, his/her spot will be added to the CURRENT RATING spots (see Phase 2).
  • Phase 1, march 23- april 15: in this phase each of the 7 nations will have an opportunity to nominate NATIONAL spot players. The organisers will move those players from the waiting list to the main field, who are indicated by their country. This also means, that in case a country nominates XY, and that person is not on the witing list by the end of this phase, that spot is added to the CURRENT RATING spots (see Phase 2)
  • Phase 2, april 15-30: In this phase 3 things will happen:
    1. On april 30, the organisers will move the highest rated X number of players in each division to the players list (see below, Number of Players)
    2. The organisers will also distribute the Wild Cards to people on the waiting list
    3. and TRY-OUT nations will receive an invite to send players

Whenever a player is moved to the list of qualified players, they will receive an email with the most important payment and other instructions.

Deadline fot paying the tournament fee is May 8th, in case a player fails to meet this deadline they are automatically removed from the list. We will send out reminders in this regard. 

Registration of non-players

As the tournament will be held in a closed botanical garden, we require non-playing visitors (caddies, friends, relatives, etc.) to register to the tournament as well. Registered non-players will need to pay a non-player fee, and their fee will cover certain services as well (see Tournament fees).

In case non-players fail to register, they can also enter the park and watch the tournament, but they will need to buy their own tickets at the botanical garden entrance, and not be eligible for the additional non-player services.

Number of players

If all goes well, we will have these many players on the tournament in each phases

Phase Description  FJ18 MJ18 FPO MPO FP40 MP40 MP50
Phase 0, AUTOMATIC the best X registered players in the 7 countries by year end ratings receive a direct invite to register 2 6 6 15 0 0 0
Phase 1, NATIONAL Spots to be decided in the discretion of each of the 7 nations, countries will need to nominate players 7 7 7 21 0 7 7
Phase 2, CURRENT RATING The highest rated players on the waiting list on April 30. 1 7 1 5 6 7 0
Phase 2, WILDCARDS awarded by the tournament organiser, can be in any division 0 0 1 1 0 1 1
Phase 2, TRY-OUT In 2021 we reserve these number of spots for players from promotional nations (e.g. Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, etc.), although this is now shown uin MPO, it can be awarded to any division. Once we have a list of people who are interested in participating, we will contact country reps with the allocation proposal. 0 0 0 8 0 0